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Uncover the Hidden Gems of Corfu Island: Your Ultimate Exploration Guide

Embark on a journey to the enchanting Corfu Island, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create an unforgettable vacation experience. This ultimate travel guide will take you off the beaten path and introduce you to the hidden gems that make this Greek paradise truly special. From the historic Old Town, a UNESCO World […]

You Guide to Celebrate Eastern In Corfu

Experience the Rich Traditions of Orthodox Easter on the Enchanting Island of Corfu.  Welcome to Corfu, a gem in the Ionian Sea, where tradition and beauty come together to create a unique Easter celebration. If you’re fortunate enough to be on the island during this special time, here’s your guide to experiencing the richness of […]

The Story Behind the Old Fortress of Corfu: A Journey Through Time

A Legacy Etched in Stone: The Old Fortress of Corfu, known to locals as Παλαιό Φρούριο and revered by Venetians as the Fortezza Vecchia, stands as a testament to the relentless march of time and the city’s enduring spirit. This Venetian marvel, perched on a strategic promontory, has witnessed the ebb and flow of empires, […]